Communication, Across the Distance, Structures, & Neighborhood Stockpiles – Episode 22


The more we can simplify a communications system, the more likely we are to be able to retain it in a world without fossil fuels. While many of us get enjoyment from resource-intensive communication networks today, we’ll have to prioritize the information we send in the future, seeking the simplest methods to share information.

Across the Distance

“So what do you have for us, Eva?” Eric was seated on foot stool in his living room. Every surface was occupied.

“We need a way to communicate that won’t be easily compromised.” Eva looked from face to face. “We can’t rely on phones, email, or anything else that’s personalized to us. If someone gets on to us, it’s too easy to monitor messages sent to an individual, even when encrypted.”


In current buildings, function follows form, and the critical question asked by architects is “how can we build this?” instead of “what is the simplest way to meet our needs?”

Neighborhood Stockpiles

Rosie was impressed by the diversity of growing know-how that was shared between gardeners, both informally and at weekly classes taught by volunteers. Those who were just learning also contributed by helping maintain the walkways, fences, and other infrastructure of the garden. Instead of having to ask people to clean up or take care of problems, she was bombarded by people asking what else they could do.

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