Hunting Meat, Transportation, & Curbing Automobiles – Episode 21

Hunting Meat

“It isn’t done lightly and I don’t enjoy it,” he would respond, “but if I am going to eat meat, I think it shows respect to the animal if I am willing to take responsibility for my choice.”


The more we can reduce the need to travel long distances, the more we can simplify our transportation solutions. The ease of stepping into a car and driving from point A to B, masks a complicated world of extraction, refineries, pipelines, distribution infrastructure, vehicle production and discard, and emissions.

Curbing Automobiles

Following on the heels of last month’s gas supply hoax, when hundreds of cars across the country had been damaged as diesel was added to their gas tanks in an effort to convince drivers that the fuel supply had been contaminated, it appears that this attack has just taken place. Over 100 gas stations have reported that diesel fuel has been added to their regular gasoline supply tanks.

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Musical background is Mahler’s Piano Quartet in A Minor, arranged by Michelle Diehl (Pub. Dom.).

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