Beginning of the End, Nuclear Scare Continues, Late Night in Tennessee, & Emptying Cities – Episode 23

Beginning of the End

The lives of everybody across the country would be permanently and irrevocably changed over the next seven days, or at least he hoped so, if everything went according to plan. If they’re able to broadcast next week, the weekly rundown will be completely different.

Nuclear Scare Continues

In New York, the Mayor de Blasio exhorted the public to trust the water supply while drinking a glass of water to reinforce his point, but pictures of his aides filling his glass with bottled water went viral on social media. Although only a few days have passed, New York is already reporting that many employers are granting their employees extended leaves of absence.

Late Night in Tennessee

“Yes sir, thank you sir,” Josh said, taking the ticket and rolling up his window. After the trooper had walked back to his cruiser and driven away, he let out a long breath. “Check out the court date. One month from now.”

“We’ll either be in jail, on the run, possibly dead, or helping everybody adjust to the new normal.”

Emptying Cities

Since the news broke yesterday morning, city officials and prominent businesses have reported a record number of employees asking for extended leave or simply failing to appear for work. Traffic in outbound lanes has been steadily increasing. Although unscientific and anecdotal, posts on social media suggest that many people are taking extended vacations to visit relatives in areas thought to be unaffected by potentially contaminated water.

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