Places: Infrastructure, Bear in the woods, & Energy – Episode 15

Places: Infrastructure

The earth has no stake in our survival. We can either live as part of this world or burn ourselves out. This is the choice we have to make.

Bear in the Woods

“It said that we had won a Crime Against Nature award since we put down a bear and sent two cubs to a zoo. It said that it was wrong to view the guilty party as the bear, who was out minding her own bear business, instead of the human, who decided to go to a restricted area. The letter went on to congratulate us on this achievement. It was really sarcastic.”


The global community has not faced a worldwide crisis since the Second World War. For generations, we have not been asked to sacrifice anything for anyone and that has to change.

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Musical background is Mahler’s Piano Quartet in A Minor, arranged by Michelle Diehl (Pub. Dom.).

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