Writing the Manifesto, Equity, & Community Meetings – Episode 12

Writing the Manifesto

“We haven’t committed real crimes yet,” Eric said.

“Speak for yourself,” said Eva.



It is rational to fear the loss of these things because in our current system they denote security and stability. Unfortunately the underlying system is about to be destroyed, either through a controlled and voluntary revolution or through unmitigated climate disaster.

Community Meetings

“Maybe if the concerns of community members had been listened to before, she wouldn’t have to advocate for people to take direct action to solve their problems, but that’s on you, not her. So if you want her to leave, I’m going, too. I’m tired of asking for your help.”

Ecoguerrillas is a serialized climate-fiction audiobook written and read by S. A. J. Johnson, now on to iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, Audible, YouTube, and other podcast apps. Supporters can get early access to each chapter by subscribing to the project on patreon.com/sajjohnson.

Find more at ecoguerrillas.com.

Support the project and gain early access to chapters on Patreon (patreon.com/sajjohnson).

Musical background is Mahler’s Piano Quartet in A Minor, arranged by Michelle Diehl (Pub. Dom.).

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