People: Social Structure, Government Mole, & Social Organization – Episode 08

People: Social Structure

The problem with each of these systems, however, is that they are built on an “empty-world” model, which assumes infinite resources. Our world is not infinite, and we must dismantle the current system in order to create new ones based on reality.

Government Moles

“Do you still feel the same way about the way our society is headed?”

“If I am being honest, yes. I feel the same way I did years ago, but now I have even more experience and evidence to back it up. ‘Hell in a handbasket’ does not even start to cover it.”

Social Organization

Cities should be limited by a few common-sense rules derived from other species that have learned to live successfully in large communities.

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Musical background is Mahler’s Piano Quartet in A Minor, arranged by Michelle Diehl (Pub. Dom.).

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